Saturday, July 11, 2009

CQ, CQ, CQ. This is KJ4HRD calling.

CQ, CQ, CQ. This is KJ4HRD calling. Kilo Juliet Four Hotel Romeo Delta in Gainesville calling. Yeah I am a new amateur radio operator. During one of my weekly regular visits to Small Satellite Lab, Dante told me about this fascinating stuff and about the GARC (Gator Amateur Radio Club). And one day, we are on our way to a football match. "Hey Obul. theres a Ham Radio exam today. You want to take it?", said Dante. "Hey wait! I did not even preapre". He asked me a few technical questions and told me, "Dude! You are over qualified for a basic FCC exam like this. Go Ahead." There I go, with out a day of preparation to get my HamRadio Technical License. It was easy. After a week, I got my license home :D YAHOO!!.

So who are these amateur radio operators and whats this Hamradio?Amateur Radio offers fail-safe communication and
an amateur radio operator is someone who plays with sending different signals over the radio frequency, including satellite, cell, video, telegraph and earth-moon-earth technology using microwave frequencies. Why Hamradio you may ask, when we have cell phones, internet and google? Because the ham radio doesn’t fail when everything else does. The following are a few examples that shows the importance of our service to Humanity.

When tornadoes raked central and northeastern Arkansas in February 2008, killing 14 people along with landlines, cell towers and state emergency communication, emergency crews could still get information to residents and hospital staff because of amateur radio operators. When Hurricane Gustav headed toward Washington County in August, amateur radio operators watched for tornadoes and reported weather events to the National Weather Service. The volunteers also set up a network in case they were needed to assist local shelters. We provide communication services during natural and man made disasters, when your cellphones and internet don't simple work. When all fail, we don't.

"The key is getting the message through and that is by whatever means necessary, all that matters during an emergency is getting the message through." CQ, CQ, CQ. This is KJ4HRD calling. Kilo Juliet Four Hotel Romeo Delta in Gainesville calling. Can you hear me?