Sunday, April 15, 2007

Obulapathi Nayuou????

My name is Obulapathi Nayudu (as per the tenth class mark list). Difficult to pronounce? I too feel so ... you can call me naidu, a familiar and an easy name to pronounce. Friends call me bully. It (my name) has a story of worth a page (at least thats what I feel).
One day I asked my mom, "why didn't you think of some this else, other than this "Obulapathi Nayudu". You know, its so hard to pronounce and I feel embarrssed". Then I came to know the story behind my name. My first name was "Prakesh" (according to mom), "Prasad" (according to dad). But then I cried a lot. My jejamma (my mom's grand mom) felt that I didn't like my name and renamed to C Obula Pathi Naidu, after our lord Obulesu and my grand father, whose name is also Obulesu. And then I suddenly stopped crying! (perhaps I started laughing, looking at others having hard time in pronouncing my name). So it went, all my childhood. I did my schooling at Sri Nagarjuna Vidhyalayam. Mr. Nagabhushanam was our principal and our English teacher too. He used to feel very proud for his ability in English. One day our Telugu teacher Mr. Anjaneulu asked him for the English equivalent of word "borugulu" (don't wonder too much if you dunno Telugu). Mr. Nagabhushanam searched his entire dictionary only to find out that there is no English equivalent of the word "borugulu" ... enough about my teacher ... (sorry Sir, if you feel embarrassed about this ...). It was him, who renamed me to "Nayudu", saying that its that right way to spell ... (wonder why Chandra Babu Naidu didn't get it right). And then it went for the rest my intermediate (class Xl and Xll). And it was he day of registration in DAIICT (my college ... the place where am doing my BTech in ICT). Some one was trying to call me in mic ... but they couldn't get it right. I went to them to only find that my name was enrolled as "nayuou" ... and then after, till today, not even a single official or professor at DAIICT called me with my full name. They call me either naidu or Mr. 200301045.
And here I stand, as of today, as Mr. Challa Obulapathi Nayuou ... :)

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Meatball~Meow said...

Roll and laugh. I can pronouce entirely correct. I'm proud of this:)))))))))))))))