Saturday, May 9, 2009

Living in Lab

"I may have done a little bit more living at the lab than most people, because every year or two for some reason or other I'd have no apartment and I would spend a few months living at the lab. .... It was not at all uncommon to find people falling asleep at the lab, again because of their enthusiasm; you stay up as long as you possibly can hacking, because you just don't want to stop. And then when you're completely exhausted, you climb over to the nearest soft horizontal surface. A very informal atmosphere" : by RMS from "Free as in Freedom" in which he explains his life and "living" in AI lab at MIT. And found it very close to what I used to do in my old lab ... "living" in lab rather than merely working in lab. But I am not getting it the same style at UF. And the time eventually came when I had to survive an entire night with just a towel to cover me up from the freezing cold temperatures of AC .
In the holidays too I could not resist going to lab even though I do nothing there. But I got way too much involved with what I was doing (I wonder what I was doing!) that I forgot to notice the new bus schedule and so finally when I decided to go home, bus tracker said "there are no buses " :(
Anyways this work is interesting ... so lets continue .. tired after a couple of hours, I go to sleep with almost nothing to cover. When I woke up again I was shivering in cold (freaking AC, I wonder why they put it on in such ghostly hours). I curled up myself in towel and slept till 6:30 AM and then left home ...
Going home in the heavenly hours of 6:30 AM, listening to the chirping of birds and feeling satisfied for your work ... is something one should do, at least once in lifetime :)
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