Sunday, May 31, 2009

Prof. Tan F Wong

When I went to kishor's house on a weekend, he was playing Oy, a new telugu movie, songs and found out that Subhash too was advertising them on gtalk. So went to raaga and started listening them. On the next Monday, I was too tempted to listen them again while I was in lab. So I started playing them out on my lappy with full volume, without noticing that someone left my lab door open. lol ... (I think it was Pria).
Umm ... after listening to couple of songs a heard a bug thud and wondered what it was ... OMG!! prof Tan. F. Wong was walking out of his room and at that moment I was fully afraid that I have disturbed him. So I waited for him to come back and went into his room to smooth out the matter.
Me : "Hello professor. I am Obulpathi and I stay in the room opposite to you. And I make lot of noise as you might have noticed many a time and today too .. I din't notice that the door was open .. ", he was smiling ...
Wong : "It's ok. I have kids at home. I am used to them. So I can bear your noise easily"
hahaha ..


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delighted to see my name in ur post :P